Following the child

We chose the Montessori pedagogy because it is aligned to our objective of respecting the growth of boys and girls.
María Montessori, method we shall say that, being one century old, it contains the essence of our educational paradigm. The method sets out to know our children and respect their developmental process through scientific observation, transforming education into an accompaniment to life.

María Montessori, developed a very complex and precise methodology that stems from the child’s autonomy, their environment, universal values and the construction of the self.Montessori was one of the pioneers in live and active education, kick-starting what would later become constructivism in pedagogy.

The Montessori teaching methods include:

  • The rigorously prepared environment.
  • Close observation.
  • Freedom of choice.
  • Freedom of movement.
  • The 3-hour work cycle without interruptions.
  • Work of long duration / projects.
  • Outings.
  • Independent work and work in groups.
  • Individual presentations.
  • Direct and indirect teaching and multi-age groups.

Our educational system teaches the human being the competencies that society needs. It is not about adapting the human to a ‘program’, to a ‘career’- I believe more in a pedagogy that accompanies the child in their own self-knowledge. Our role is to tell the child ‘find your place’, without conditioning them to walk towards where we want them to go.

Pierre Rabhi

The child, guided by their internal master, works indefatigably and with joy to construct the human. We, as educators, can only help… In this way we shall give testimony to the birth of the new human.

Maria Montessori