Welcome to La Casa Verde

casa verde, escuela montessori, montessori, escuela malaga, educacion respetuosaGirls and boys between 18 months and 12 years old can be considered for admission.

Firstly, a meeting is held between the Director of the school and the family, where we present the school. This encounter is only between adults.

In this first meeting we explain to the interested family how the school functions, we talk about the pedagogy, the expectations of family involvement and other practical information.

A second meeting enables the guides to meet the child and their family.

In order to be accepted into the school, each family must fill out an admission form.

La Casa Verde strives to maintain a balance in the classroom with respect to age, gender, language and needs of the girls and boys who form part of it.

Admission into the following school year is based on the available space in the classrooms, keeping to the following priorities:

1. All students already enrolled in La Casa Verde.

Siblings of the enrolled school students.

Children of the personnel of La Casa Verde.

Students coming from other Montessori schools.

People from the general public who are committed to Montessori education and family involvement in the school.

The order of registration is not a priority and is only relevant when the above criteria and the needs of the specific classroom in terms of age, gender and language have been covered.

Policy of non-discrimination.

La Casa Verde does not discriminate on the basis of gender, faith, nationality or ethnic origin.

Admission process
1) Visit and meeting with the Director
This is the first step in the registration process. We ask that this first meeting with the Director of the school is only between adults. This enables the parents to assess the school, the classrooms and the Montessori method as an educational option. This meeting lasts between 40 and 60 minutes.

2) Registration
After visiting the school, the registration form is filled out, as a prerequisite for being considered for admission.
Applications for all environments are accepted throughout the school year.

3) Interview with the child and the guides
Once the application is received, when there is a vacancy the school contacts the parents for an interview with the guides and the child. In this interview, the parents have the opportunity to meet their child’s future guides and the child can visit the school. This is a chance to ask more specific questions about pedagogy or classroom routines. It also enables the pedagogical team to get to know the child and their family.

4) Enrollment
Application for enrollment for both current and new families will start in March.
Enrollment requirements are the following:
1. Enrollment application forms duly filled in and signed.
2. Enrollment fee payment.

The curriculum not only comprises the subjects taught, but also a culture of ethical teachings on the respect for life and empathy, as well as a deep belief in the contribution of the individual in creating a world of peace, the universality of human tendencies and the meaning of justice.