The Association

Educating for peace

body-grafix-asociacionWe are a Non Profit Association and our mission is to be a Montessori Project of Families Educating for Peace.

Our centre is made up of families and guides who respond to the real needs of boys and girls and respect the individual and collective development of the self.
Our values are respect, freedom, cooperation, honesty, gratitude and empathy.

We work creatively in a natural setting, valuing and conserving biodiversity.

Integrated into the local community.
Promoting the pedagogy of María Montessori.

This project is shaped daily by all the people who are part of it, and that is why we are interested in the voice, the experience and the wisdom of every individual. We are an Educational Community and from our sharing comes our strength. We educate in the classrooms and also as we go about our daily tasks.

Our organization consists of the Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Pedagogic Team. Each of these groups has specific responsibilities.

All mothers and fathers with children in the project form part of the Association and pay a fee of 25€ per person per year.
In the interest of promoting the Montessori pedagogy, we offer courses aimed at people who wish to receive instruction in Montessori pedagogy, either for personal or professional reasons. Our courses are imparted by Colette Chaumier, our founder, who has international recognition and great experience with the method.

We organize annual events to raise funds and promote our project. In previous years these events have been: the Festival Artesano (July), in San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella, where we organized a children area and food stands; and a Spring Fair in our own grounds at La Casa Verde. This Fair is a good opportunity to meet and explore the prepared environments, as only by stepping into the classrooms can one comprehend the magic of this pedagogy.