The School

A respectful space for our children

body-grafix-proyectoWe have three prepared environments, which are classrooms ordered in a precise manner, where each element has been conceived to meet the needs of the children. Freedom of movement is allowed, as the children choose the materials they will use and they are equally responsible for putting them back in their assigned place so they can be used again. We encourage the desire to learn, mutual respect and a solid acquisition of knowledge guided by the children’s own interests.
The persons that accompany the children in the classrooms are called ‘guides’. They are teaching professionals who have in addition received specialized training in Montessori Pedagogy, and their most important quality is strong motivation and enjoyment of their work.
In the daily routine there is a moment for welcoming the children, for presentations, for circle time, for morning snacks with local ecological produce if possible. The children choose materials and work individually or in groups, in silence or quietly, which aids concentration.
Mothers and fathers also benefit from learning opportunities, given that our guides offer pedagogic sessions to support our children at home. These are invaluable opportunities for us to connect and share our concerns, discoveries and fears with other mothers and fathers, and to embrace each other in the knowledge that we are all raising children, but in the company of other families who also want a respectful environment for their children.

Infant Community: 18 – 36 months

Children’s House: 3 – 6 years

Elementary: 6+ years


Consciousness, love and respect in the education of children and parents.
Community of families with the same objective, tolerance, listening, conflict resolution, community work. All the efforts of these nine years of our common journey have been worthwhile. Great people, great families who are in my heart forever. I feel very grateful to all those who have made this path possible. Thank you.



We like many things about Casa Verde: the environment, the peacefulness, and the positive family atmosphere.
The pedagogy is wonderful, as the children have space to discover who they are.

Sara Shaikh


In Casa Verde you feel that you are not only in a Montessori school, but in a real network of mutual support.

Pep Giner


In Casa Verde my daughter is respected and accompanied and the conditions are there for her to expand and to be.
We mothers and fathers form a community, a framework for support and learning in this constant reinvention that life asks of us.
My daughter agrees with this: ‘Mum, I like the school, for example circle time, because each one of us says things, explains, demonstrates… I like the school, mum’.

Ana Hevilla


I like La Casa Verde, I like the work and I like doing it.

Nadia, 3 years old

Student in the Children’s House